Friday, April 22, 2011

Handmade Floor Mat (carpet like) - weaving

The first weaving product that I've made during my free time. I learned how to weave in less than 10 minutes  from the shop in Atria , Damansara where I used to regularly buy crochet wools from. To start, there are only 4 basic items that we need and they are: 
i) a special needle which embranches into two at one end (i'll snap a picture of it later)
ii) a hard plastic made square-hole mat that can be cut in accordance to the size of the design we wish to make (i'll try to get a picture of this too, but it looks more a less the same with the mat we use for 'line stitching'
iii) sufficient pre-cut wools about an inch length each (get advice from the shop) 
iv) and any design of our choice.(normally is provided free from the shop, draw it on the mat and start weaving.)
Thats all!!. The wool is a little bit thicker than the one normally use for crochet, at which we can buy it in a 'roll' form. My suggestion is, to buy the pre-cut wool as it gives us a  more consistent and uniform length and  less hassle in cuttings.
Actually,this mat is not big, its abt 40 x 20 inches only but it took me abt a month to complete all the holes! I'll stop when my forefinger and thumb started to ache. And once completed, everyone in the house seemed could not wait to step on it..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!. I will never ever allow anyone to step on it, even myself...hahaha. Sayang wo. 
Anyway, I am very satisfied with the result, alhamdulillah and hope that I can make another oner,this time bigger!. In my next project, inshaallah i will show how to do it with a short video perhaps. It might take u a litlle while to get use to the pulling  the wools technique, in and out the holes. Hope u can continue stick with me here, thanks.
 I have many dreams to accomplish.......

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