Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google Translator

I've just added a 'Google Translator pull down menu bar' at top left page of this blog yesterday. Much simpler as what I thought before.!! Thanks Allah, for making my wish happens.
While I was still working with TM, I was kinda jealous with people around me  who have had their own homepages, sharing their activities and photos with us, What I can do at that time was just giving comments and waited for their next updates. I couldnt be bothered how they did that as all my time at time was fully occupied with office works  all day long. And even at night, my mind was still mingled about office...huh!!  
My daughter had her first 'Homepage' which she developed by herself at her age of 11. Amazingly, at that age she can do it by herself and I began to ask myself then, why not me! At that time, there were no free templates for website/blogger available on the net, far to say about facebook,twitter, friendster and others! She learned them all from the internet.
Well, I am not in a rush. I learn abt blogging only during my free time and each time I wish to make a change, I will definitely look for the steps from internet, just like how my daughter did.  I am also getting regular updates from Webpronews and Bloggerstop.net thorugh my emails. Learning is a process that has no end. Like the old Chinese proverb;
.'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step'.~ Lao Tsu
 Or in Malay - 'Perjalanan 1000 batu adalah bermula dari satu tapak'..  Hehehe...camtulah bunyinya kot.

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