Sunday, February 6, 2011

Horizontal Menu Tabs

This afternoon, I have just added the horizontal menu tabs in my blog as per the instructions found in 'Tips For New Bloggers'  . I am so happy that I found  'Tips For New Bloggers'  at the time that I really need guidance on how to make my blog looks as what I want. It has lots of useful blogger information for all new bloggers! I can assure you!
The horizontal menu tabs are almost complete, a little bit of cosmetics required here and there, and now I'm looking on ways  to add multiple pull down menu on top of the existing horizontal menu tabs which I have just added. I couldnt find any tips on this in 'Tips For New Bloggers'  or maybe because I'm still very blind about HTML!! LOL!! I will read again....Wish me good luck!
Luv Alyna.

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