Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facial Appointment@The Curve

Went to The Curve for my bi-weekly facial appointment this afternoon, which was supposed to be last week.  After having such a busy weeks, I really enjoyed the soft massage touch by Theresa, the beautician that was assigned to me since day one I took the facial package from  ........ (not to mention) . As the matter of fact, I dont  like to fell asleep while having facial, but this time there were couple of times I almost dozed off  and shook off my head again and again to make me stay awake, not to miss a second the pleasure of her  massage. hahahaha

Time was too short for me to wandering around the shopping centre as I need to rush back home before the heavy traffic starts. Smoothly reached home and on time, enough time to logon my facebooks for few minutes and out again to fetch my sons from school.

Not so interesting story to update for today. Well, see again tomorrow.

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