Thursday, January 20, 2011

Picnic Time!

Am preparing some food and clothings to bring along for our day-out today. Just simple ones for the 5 of us, my two eldest kids wont be able to join in as they are still having classes.Taking along a long loaf of gardenia bread, a can of meshed sardine fish that mixed with chopped onion,chilli slices and lemon juice, egg mayonese (meshed boiled eggs + mayonese +pepper +dried parsley +salt), few packed of 'nasi lemak bungkus with sambal sotong and paru2', 2 big bottles of Sarsi and  plain water are actually more than enough for this short trip. 
We are planning for a picnic actually but surprisingly, we havent decided yet where to go!! Hahahaha...well, its either to Morib or somewhere at Kuala Selangor. I dont think any of us is going to wet ourselves, just to be away from home but definitely not to busy areas this time.
Hope we will have a wonderful holiday today! :)
But when we reached there , this is what we see at the beach:

still a lovely view with millions of small red crabs chasing each other to enjoy the spacious beach of Morib. 

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