Thursday, January 27, 2011

Working on My Blog

While working on my baking skills, I'm still continue learning more on how to improve my blog  . It was a month ago when I know nothing about blogging but now thanks to Allah, alhamdulillah, at least i know the basic ideas on the 'know-how' that includes: 
  • Using or changing the layout/design template
  • Adding widgets, java scripts, gadgets
  • Linking to other sites like flickr slideshows or picasa album
  • Inserting labels/categories
  • Inserting FB profile badge
  • Inserting video from youtube via
  • Little bit on html editting (havent know about CSS yet)
  • Inserting picture for the header (as the template that I am using doesnt come with the header, so i just find one from the internet! easy..)
  • Tips/tricks from the blog experts.
And last but not least, there is one more simple thing that I want to do on the layout and that is, to add menu tabs either vertically or horizontally. Finding the labels/categories on the right side are not as catchy as compared to menu tabs, I will try to change it hopefully within this week or next. 
My most challenging experience about blogging is not much about the design but its content, what information that I would like to put in and share to others. Well, I have nothing in definite so far but surely, something to do with cooking and crochetting will be my focus subjects at this point of time. Having a nice layout and pictures without a good content will make your blog becomes so 'stale' to the eyes of others. There are so many webistes that you can refer to about creating/managing blog, among my favourite websites are:
and - currently I'm using template from Scapping Bloggs

So lets start blogging for those who havent. Frankly, I feel more comfortable in here in expressing myself comparing to other social networking sites. Believe me!! :))
Luv Alyna

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